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Nina Parsons fund-raising day - November 26

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Draycott Post Office and Store wil be holding a fund-raising day for Nina Parsons on Wednesday,November 26.

We will be encouraging all our customers to donate (we have collection buckets in the shop now), and we will add 50p for every customer who comes through the door that day ourselves. So the more of you who support Nina, the more we will raise.

We know our customers are very generous people who have supported our charity efforts in the past. Please dig deep and help Nina, who you may have read about in the Burton Mail, which is backing her fund-raising efforts.

In case you haven't here's a bit more about her from the Burton Mail and a link to her website:

NINA Parsons is faced with constant agony every moment she is awake. Doctors have said the only chance to save her life is through an operation in America.

‘THE people of Burton need to help us or our daughter will die’.

These are the stark words that no parents should ever have to say, but John and Jill Parsons have been forced into doing so as part of a desperate bid to save the life of their daughter Nina.

The former make-up artist, who lives with them in Elms Road, Stapenhill, suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a connective tissue disorder that affects the collagen structure of the body. It affects her from head to, and for most of the day, she is confined to her bed due to the agonising pain. Her family have been trying to raise £70,000 so that she can undergo a specialist fusion surgery that is only available in America.

It has a high percentage success rate and could give her a future. Without it she has very little hope.

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